Welcome! I am a Ph.D. candidate in Marketing at Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, specializing in Consumer Behavior. My research explores how receiving payments or benefits influences consumer perceptions and decision-making. Specifically, my dissertation looks into how even the slightest benefits offered by vendors, charitable organizations, and hotels influence and shape consumer judgments and decisions, especially in an online setting.

More about me? Before joining Cornell, I worked for Pfizer and Hyundai Motor Company HQs on a variety of management consulting projects. I have also hosted a local NPR show in Korea (which flew far under the radar), where I had a blast monologuing on my favorite topics including, but not limited to, behavioral science and philosophy. I received my bachelor's degree with honors in Communication Studies and a minor in Statistics from UCLA, and my Master's degree in Marketing with the award of excellence from Korea University Business School.

I will be on this year’s job market, 2024-25.
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