I teach Graduate Management 4530/5530 Marketing Management. Click here for information about this course.


Teaching details
  • NCC 4530/5530: Marketing Management
  • Instructor Rating 4.8/5.0; Division average: 4.3
  • Student comments from course and teaching evaluations:

    “The class was super fun and Rin always made sure to go the extra mile to help us understand the course material and engage with real world marketing problems.”

    “I have had the privilege of taking Rin’s NCC 5530, which has been instrumental in shaping my understanding not only of marketing-related knowledge but also of what it is like to be a good educator. I am really inspired by her teaching style and surprised by the impact she has made.”

    “I love her class so much and her class made me find out what I am passionate about. I just found a marketing intern job for this summer and will apply the knowledge she taught us this semester to reality.”

    “This class was a highlight of my time at Cornell”

    “She is so enthusiastic about teaching and guiding us to participate in class, as well as learn the material. I am always excited about her class, and all material can be applied to the assignments and projects. To be honest I hope she can teach more classes.”

  • Memories

    A networking dinner with a guest speaker from Netflix

    My first batch of students