Peer-reviewed Journal Publication

Yoon, Y. Rin and Kaitlin Woolley (2024), “The Interactive Effect of Incentive Salience and Prosocial Motivation on Prosocial Behavior,” Psychological Science, 35(4), 390–404.

Manuscripts with Invited Revision

Yoon, Y. Rin and Suzanne B. Shu, “Payment Method as a Cue,” R&R at the Journal of Consumer Research. [PDF]

Yoon, Y. Rin, Joann Peck, and Suzanne B. Shu,”Increasing Hotel Loyalty Through Psychological Ownership,” R&R at Cornell Hospitality Quarterly. [PDF]

Research In Progress

  • “The Effect of Financial Education on Risk Taking,” with Suzanne Shu and Alycia Chin.
  • “Gap Between Payers and Payees,” with Geoff Fisher.
  • “Online SNAP Payment,” with Sai Chintala.