Yoon, Y. Rin and Kaitlin Woolley (2024), “The Interactive Effect of Incentive Salience and Prosocial Motivation on Prosocial Behavior,” Psychological Science, 35(4), 390–404.

Manuscripts with Invited Revision

  • Yoon, Y. Rin, Joann Peck, and Suzanne B. Shu,”Increasing Hotel Loyalty Through Psychological Ownership,” Invited revision. [PDF]

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Yoon, Y. Rin and Suzanne B. Shu, “Payment Method as a Cue,” Under review. [PDF]

Research In Progress

  • “From a Penny Stock to Option Trading,” with Suzanne Shu.
  • “Online SNAP Payment,” with Sai Chintala.
  • “Payers and Payees,” with Geoff Fisher.
  • “Generational Passing of Wealth,” with Alycia Chin.